We strive, on a daily basis, to improve the management of GHG emissions, reduce consumption of fresh water and thus improve our water management, minimize the waste produced and ramp up recycling rates, reduce the energy consumption in the production and transportation systems and protect biodiversity.

We pay great attention to observing the best practices the quality health-safety-environment (QHSE) management system.



emissions In 2017, we have registered a 64,200-ton cut in emissions in Petromidia and Petrochemical plant, while the total quantity of emissions in the 3 production units (Petromidia, Vega and Petrochemicals) decreased by almost 5%. 



Waste recovery


waste recovery At Petromidia Refinery, the recovery rate for 2017 was 91%, a momentous improvement from 67% in 2015.

 In 2017, the lagoon no 2 and lagoon 3 were emptied 100% and starting with October 2017 began the activity of emptying the historical sludge from lagoon no.1


Energy Management  


energy management In 2017, we obtained the lowest Energetic Intensity Index in the history of Petromidia, index which measures the energy efficiency, of 99,98%.

 The energy consumption reported by the tone decreased in all our 3 production units.

In 2017, Petromidia Refinery had a 16,700 tons throughput / day and the energy consumption was 3.04 GJ/to, while at Vega Refinery, there were 1,022 tons of throughput/day and the total energy consumption was of 2.65 GJ/to.

Petrochemical Plant processed 166,444 tons of throughput /year consuming 18.71 GJ/to.