The activities carried out by KMG International comply with the environmental legislation for each country where the Group operates. In each of these markets we strive to develop a sustainable business respecting the environment, being part of it, while pursuing economic performance. The commitments and measures adopted by KMG International are set by the environmental strategy the Group developed and adopted with the aim of ensuring a predictable and successful long-term approach towards the environment.

Quality of fuel:

quality of fuel The emphasis was set on preparing gasoline and diesel fuels which meet the quality standards required on external (Euro 5 products) and internal markets (Euro 5 with Bio products). To this end, all the fuels produced by Rompetrol Rafinare were recertified for Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety Management systems in 2015.

Recycled water:


quality of water

 In 2017, the total water consumption (input) at Petromidia Refinery and Petrochemical Plan decreased by 3.5% than in 2016, up to 5,883,000 m3.

 The Wastewater Treatment Plant takes the wastewater from all companies on Petromidia Platform and also the domestic waters of the city of Navodari.

The treated waste water used at Petromidia Refinery was almost 9,408,000 m3 of which 25.3% of treated waste water was reused.

At our Vega Refinery, we held steady at 914,900 m3 of treated waste water discharged, the same as the previous years.

To further to our efforts of safeguarding the natural habitat and to reduce the risk of environmental accidents, KMG International Group will continue to allocate over 6 million USD until 2018 to the modernization and automatization of fuel loading-unloading systems of internal depots and terminals at Petromidia Navodari Refinery. In the process of modernizing our equipment and thus making it safer, Midia Marine Terminal, completed the works for the replacement of the oil transfer equipment at its offshore mooring point, to keep the Black Sea terminal in optimum safety and performance conditions.